Sorry no posts in so long.  Just got back from vacation in the Texas Hill Country. Do yourself a favor and go, go, GO.  It’s amazing real estate out there.

So Lee Goldberg’s writing contest for the next book in his DEAD MAN series is over and… no love for Matty.

And that’s cool, because the first book in my NIC ARCHER series is rolling along nicely.  For those that haven’t read about it here on the blog, it’s a planned ten-book teen series about a boy who finds out his parents were agents for A.R.R.O.W., a clandestine soldier/spy organization that’s been protecting America since the early days of the American Revolution, when they were a loose-knit group of French-Indian War veterans-turned-spies called the Sons of the Arrow, answering only to Washington.

Since then, they’ve evolved to become a sort of crossbreed of G.I. Joe and SHIELD, and they fight the secret wars on American soil no one ever hears about–everything from mole-men under California and crazed lunatics trying to blow the Moon into the Earth, to cyborg masterminds and nuclear assassins.  Nic is an anomaly–he’s been hardwired since birth with mental conditioning that would allow him to be the ultimate agent when he comes of age from a Jason Bourne-esque program called the Arrowhead Initiative.  But Nic isn’t sure what he wants, mostly just to be a kid, but he also can’t turn away from what he feels is a responsibility.



All ten books have been outlined and are just sitting there waiting to be written.  I just finished Chapter 13 of Book 1–a sweet car/stealth helicopter/sci-fi motorcycle chase through the Cumberland Gap Tunnel!

Hopefully, we’ll have some art up here soon; the cover artist is working out the designs now.

Keep checking back to find out more!


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