Jazz Age Chicago is a dangerous place.

Vicious gangs wage open war in the streets–the criminal empire of the Cosa Nocta at the height of their vampiric power versus the Mac Tire, a displaced kingdom of Gaelic werewolves banded together for survival–both vying for territory.

Prohibition has outlawed all magic in any form, yet runerunners from the hills of Kentucky still move illegal potions across state lines and into back-alley speakeasies, and soothsayers, psychic stoolies, and Tarot-wielding dime-droppers ply their trades in the shadows of streetlights, and for the right price, you can get just about anything cooked in a cauldron or scrawled on a scroll from the right guy.

Callahan is a freelance hitman working both sides of the fence, with no love for the Italians or the Irish.  He’ll take a job on a fang or a skinchanger and ignore the blood on every dollar.  Oath-bound  to an Outsider, a powerful spider-god driven from our world by a coalition of ancient civilizations, Callahan draws his edge–powerful shadow-based black magic–from the entity and in return feeds it the souls of the slimeballs he snuffs.  It’s a great working relationship–at least it has been.

Callahan wants out.

When a mark turns up carrying an ancient scroll– a scroll with the cataclysmic power to destroy an Outsider, every mobster in Chicago tries to get his hands on it to tip the scales in their favor.  To make matters worse, another hitman shows up in town, killing legions of both gangs–a hitman with exactly the same powers as Callahan–making him Public Enemy #1 with his former employers.   And to top it all off, his powers are getting weaker by the day.

Caught between two ancient warring forces and his back against the wall, Callahan must rely on his wits, his fading powers, and the guts and grit of a killer behind the muzzle flashes of twin .45s.

Catch the two-fisted pulp action of a 1920s Chicago that never was in BLACK MAGIC HITMAN,  the first of a supernatural action trilogy coming in 2013, followed by BLACK MAGIC HERO in 2014 and BLACK MAGIC SPY in 2015.





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