Most people thought the Great Depression was the end of the world.

To one man, it was.

For Amos “Black Dog”Harlow, the Great Depression was more than just a name.  An aging hobo and failed bluesman with no prospects, no family, and no place to call to home, Amos wanders the hellish backdrop of Dust Bowl America with a guitar on his back and a grim past on his shoulders, following a spectral black dog only he can see down backroads and blighted byways of a forsaken land.

The black dog is an ill omen, and death and sorrow its only promises.  But Amos must follow, drawn by the dog into the thick of supernatural danger, battling horrors and facing down evil that has crawled out of the Depression’s dark underbelly with nothing but his wits, his music, and a bit of folk magic.

But there is an even greater shadow on the land.  A dark killer with dark purpose strides the land, cutting a swath through the innocent, a trail of blood in his wake.  And if the serial killer the papers call Herod has his way, the world will drown in it.

Amos must battle his own demons and find Herod before the killer can finish his task—literally bringing Hell to earth.

Follow Amos and the black dog down the road to redemption in BLACK DOG: The Long Dark Road (2012) and the forthcoming  BLACK DOG: Prophet in the Wilderness (2013).


These are BLACK DOG stories that either didn’t make the final cut for the books, or were just other stories I wanted to write about Amos Harlow and his adventures.

TRAVELLIN’ JACK was going to be a promo for BLACK DOG when it was originally slated to release the last week of October 2011.  I wrote it especially as a website-only bonus story, but the book got pushed back to Spring 2012 and so did the promo.  It would have been cool to have it coincide with Halloween like I’d intended–it IS a Halloween story, after all–but I think it’s possible to enjoy a Halloween yarn whether it’s 1000 above OR below zero.

Just, you know, not outdoors.

Travellin’ Jack

This story takes place in Harlem when Amos was younger, sometime just before his family disowned him and he hit the road as a hobo.  In a few of the stories from BLACK DOG: THE LONG DARK ROAD, Amos makes use of a certain straight razor with… unusual properties, to say the least: it doesn’t rust, it never needs sharpening, and even though he’s lost it once or twice, he winds up with it in his pocket when he needs it most.   He’s named it Mean Sally, but it’s been called by many names and has a past darker and more checkered than even Amos.  One of those names is The Devil’s Tooth, and this is how Amos found it.

 Or was it the other way around?

The Devil’s Tooth