The sequel to BLACK DOG: THE LONG DARK ROAD will be out sometime in the Spring, hopefully March or early April.

Travis Gentry, the cover artist, sent me an image to use at Space City Con last weekend here in Houston.   He turned the “unfinished” image into a teaser poster, which drew the crowds to the table like flies to, um… dead stuff.

If this is unfinished, the final product is going to be phenomenal.





Met a lot of really great people.


Talked my face off until I was hoarse.


Got interviewed for an online entertainment comics/sci-fi/horror/fantasy website.


Got asked to do a podcast.


Sold all but 15 of my books.


No tankers were burned or even wrecked, to my knowledge.


9:35 AM–Inevitably left something important behind; had to drive home to get it.

9:38–Wearing smug grin because I know I have two hours get it and get back before opening.

10:00–Tanker truck rolls and catches fire on 288.

10:56–Beating my head against steering wheel in choked traffic on 288.

Sales slow, people friendly, good lunch–muffaletta from Antone’s.

Ready for Day 2



A few posts ago I told you all about the next set of books I’m writing.  It’s a supernatural action/adventure tale set in the Roaring ’20s called BLACK MAGIC HITMAN.  It’s the first of a trilogy, one that will span three decades and take us through the high adventure of New York in the 1930s and the intrigue and battlefields of Nazi Germany during World War II.  If that spoils whether or not Callahan (the main character) lives or dies, don’t sweat it.  I think it’ll be fun to stick around and see what happens to him, anyway.  In fact, I guarantee it.

Lately I’ve been too busy actually writing the damn thing to put up the page for it on ye olde website, here.  But with a neat graphic from Mike Torrance and a bit of elbow grease, the page is finally up!  Click on the tab at the top right-hand corner of the site, right next to the BLACK DOG tab.  I’ve posted the unedited, unvarnished prologue to BLACK MAGIC HITMAN (one of TWO prologues, actually–I’ve taken a page from Brian Sanderson with that stunt) for you to check out.  Let me know if you like it in the comments, ask questions, email me, and spread the link to the page if you dig it.

I’ll be posting more about the series–art, excerpts, etc.–as they arrive, so keep checking back!

And as always, thanks for reading!  It’s you guys who really make small press authors, well… bigger press authors.  Keep it up!


Just posted a new BLACK DOG story over on the BLACK DOG page.  Just hit the BLACK DOG tab in the upper-righthand corner of the site or just follow this convenient link:

The story’s called “The Devil’s Tooth,” and for those readers that have wondered about Amos Harlow’s straight razor and the weirdness surrounding it, here you go.

Not sure if anyone’s ever written an origin story for a shaving implement before; might be a first.

Enjoy, and comment and let me know what you think!


Actually, I finished the entry for the contest on Saturday and emailed it all in the same day. I think the rules stated only Finalists would get phone calls, but after that only the winner gets a call with the good news.

That good news: a publishing contract, a $500 advance, a $500 gift card, plus the fact that your name will be on a popular series’ book that YOU wrote. A nice feather in your cap, indeed.

I’m pretty confident about the outline and first chapter I turned in. Even if it doesn’t win, I think it’ll get some hard looks.  Can’t really talk too much about the plot yet, not until after the contest, but it was a pretty original take on THE DEAD MAN, while keeping true to the mythology of the series.

Keep ’em crossed for me!