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Hope all of you have a happy one!  Thanks so much for the support and well-wishing all year!  I hope you all hang around for another year and then some!  I’ve got a LOT more stories to tell and I hope as many readers.

Speaking of, here’s a BLACK DOG Christmas greeting by way of Mike Torrance over at the Daily Sketch Blog.

Until next time, be safe!

Black Dog Christmas



The sequel to BLACK DOG: THE LONG DARK ROAD will be out sometime in the Spring, hopefully March or early April.

Travis Gentry, the cover artist, sent me an image to use at Space City Con last weekend here in Houston.   He turned the “unfinished” image into a teaser poster, which drew the crowds to the table like flies to, um… dead stuff.

If this is unfinished, the final product is going to be phenomenal.


Just finished registering for Space City Con in August. It’ll be the 10th, 11th, and 12th.

Come out and get a copy of BLACK DOG!


Well, not the end-end; just the end of a long, dark road of formatting, resizing, reshaping (most of which was done by a couple of artist types, so what am I complaining about, I know) to midwife the print version of BLACK DOG into the world.

It was sort of like a father’s role in childbirth–he’s done all he can do and he’s got to leave his unborn kid in the hands of almost total strangers and his wife.  While all the moans and screams are floating out of the delivery room, all he can do is pace, sweat, and chew his fingernails to paste, hoping everything is going to turn out all right.  Dude can’t even smoke in there anymore!

Okay, I digress, but the digression is true; once I’d finished proofing the text there was nothing to do but wait, watch, and worry–just like Frank Black in Millennium.  (And I had about as many creases in my forehead and face as he did, too.)

But, aside from the angst of getting a box or two of them here in time for Comicpalooza on the 26th, I am really pleased with the outcome.  CreateSpace is definitely the way to go for self-publishing.  It’s actually a very real publishing house set up by Amazon where you can do it all yourself (free) or get their pros to help with everything from cover design to editing (costs you money, and plenty of it).

So if you want a copy, it’s there on Amazon.  It’s also available in Barnes & Noble, Borders (if they’re still around anywhere), any major chain bookstore, and at your local public library (please don’t forget about libraries, guys; patronize them when you can.)  You’ll need the ISBN to order at first probably, because bookstores and libraries can take about six to eight weeks to update their search engines.

Please re-post this; I really appreciate the reposting and word-of-mouth, guys.

Thanks to everyone that had a hand in gettin’ this bébé into the world.

She was a biggun.