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Hope all of you have a happy one!  Thanks so much for the support and well-wishing all year!  I hope you all hang around for another year and then some!  I’ve got a LOT more stories to tell and I hope as many readers.

Speaking of, here’s a BLACK DOG Christmas greeting by way of Mike Torrance over at the Daily Sketch Blog.

Until next time, be safe!

Black Dog Christmas



Actually, I finished the entry for the contest on Saturday and emailed it all in the same day. I think the rules stated only Finalists would get phone calls, but after that only the winner gets a call with the good news.

That good news: a publishing contract, a $500 advance, a $500 gift card, plus the fact that your name will be on a popular series’ book that YOU wrote. A nice feather in your cap, indeed.

I’m pretty confident about the outline and first chapter I turned in. Even if it doesn’t win, I think it’ll get some hard looks.  Can’t really talk too much about the plot yet, not until after the contest, but it was a pretty original take on THE DEAD MAN, while keeping true to the mythology of the series.

Keep ’em crossed for me!